Is F45 Worth the Money?

We decided to see if the high energy classes we’d been hearing about lived up to the hype.

Calorie Crushing Circuit Workout 1: Back, Quads and Glutes

I absolutely love circuit workouts, especially when I’m training with friends. It’s an intense workout that keeps your heart-rate in the fat burning zone. Which means you’ll be toning while still burning off those extra pounds! The only breaks are for a few quick sips of water in-between rounds. Bonus: It’s also a heart-healthy workout…

Lean Arms and Abs Workout

Warm weather is finally here to stay in Toronto, fingers crossed. Time to tone up those triceps and show off lean arms in your favourite Spring outfits! Crop tops and bikinis more your thing? Don’t worry we didn’t forget the core segment. You’ll need dumbbells, a bench, and a mat to make the most of…

12 Minute Abs

A 12 minute ab workout you can do anywhere! Also includes substitution exercises, great for all skill levels.

Exercise Spotlight: Heel Elevated Squats

Learn all about the benefits of the heel-elevated squat, a great exercise for beginners and advanced weight-lifters alike!
Also if you’ve ever had trouble reading the tempo on workout sheets, I go through it in this post.

A Fitness Journey is Rarely Linear

How did Sofia get into weight-training? What made her want to become a personal trainer?
Scoliosis, muscular imbalances, pregnancy, a c-section-just a few of the hurdles in her Toronto Fitchick journey.