Apple, Squash, Carrot, Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

I normally make a version of this soup for Thanksgiving and Christmas; it’s the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer. Seasonal ingredients make this Coconut Curry soup a pleasure to eat, with layers of vibrant flavours coming together. The reason I love it as an appetizer for large gatherings is that it can be made ahead of time…

Holiday Menu Planning: Thanksgiving Recap

Over the years I’ve learned a few trade secrets when it comes to holiday meal-planning. Here I share my tips for an easy to execute Thanksgiving menu that will still wow guests!

Mulled Wine Cranberry Sauce

If you’re looking to try something new and ensure all your guests want the recipe after tasting it, this one’s for you! My Mulled Wine Cranberry Sauce encompasses festive fall flavours into a mildly sweet sauce that serves as the perfect side-kick to your stuffed turkey.

The Secret to a Juicy and Tender Turkey Every Time: Dry Brining!

We’ve been dry-brining our birds for years and the result is off the charts! It’s the key to a juicy, flavourful and tender turkey every time. Does it mean starting the turkey prep a little earlier? Yes, but your family and friends will thank you for it and possibly even declare you a Thanksgiving Hero!