Greek Shrimp Saganaki

My twist on a Greek classic, Garides Saganaki, prepared in a zesty tomato and feta sauce. This dish takes me back to summers in Crete, dining in tavernas by the sea. My mom would also make it for me growing up and send me to pick the fresh herbs we needed from the garden. It…

Greek Easter: Bunnies and Baked Goods and Lamb Oh My!

Easter is one of my favourite holidays; steeped in tradition and a week’s worth of baking and cooking makes it the perfect special occasion. I have been baking with my mother for as long as I can remember. This year, with my mom spending Easter in Greece with her siblings, I was the head chef…

A New Day a New Spice Mix

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring; the same protein can taste completely different with a simple spice mix substitution!
I’ve included 4 of my favourite mixes:
Piri Piri
Smoky and Sweet BBQ
and Taco