Algonquin Park: Fall Colours 2019

Even though we went on a peak fall colours weekend, Saturday’s forecast of rain detoured travellers planning a day trip and we practically had the park to ourselves.

Meet Me At MARBL Media Launch

New Toronto Restaurant and Lounge! “Unlike some of the trendier, boutique or concept spots, MARBL offers a chic and timeless space to bring a large party for a relaxed meal.” Read on for our full review.

Even the Basic Rolls are Fancy: Sushi Mori Review

I love sushi, so when a new spot opens up in my area I’m always excited to give it a try. Truth be told I’m usually at the same time a little hesitant. When food is mediocre, I shrug it off as bad luck but still finish my meal. If sushi doesn’t taste great I…

Authentic Afghani Food in the City: Naan and Kabob Review

I had the pleasure of attending a media-tasting event at Naan and Kabob, held at their newest Leaside location.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the pictures I had seen online the food looked similar to Iranian food I had tried but there were also some flavours on the menu that seemed to more…

When the Veggies Stole the Show: Maple Leaf Tavern Review

I attended a media-event at the historic Maple Leaf Tavern and was blown away by their exceptional vegetarian dishes.  Known for their steaks, unique game meat dishes and family style Sunday dining, Maple Leaf Tavern is now serving stand-alone veggie dishes guaranteed to impress you.  The glazed carrots were my favourite dish of the night!…