12 Minute Abs

A 12 minute ab workout you can do anywhere! Also includes substitution exercises, great for all skill levels.

Exercise Spotlight: Heel Elevated Squats

Learn all about the benefits of the heel-elevated squat, a great exercise for beginners and advanced weight-lifters alike!
Also if you’ve ever had trouble reading the tempo on workout sheets, I go through it in this post.

Chasing a Flat Tummy

“How do I get a slimmer tummy?”

As a personal trainer, I hear this question more often than any other. Read on to see how I reply to clients and get tips towards a defined core!

A Fitness Journey is Rarely Linear

How did Sofia get into weight-training? What made her want to become a personal trainer?
Scoliosis, muscular imbalances, pregnancy, a c-section-just a few of the hurdles in her Toronto Fitchick journey.