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Sofia Martimianakis

11401532_10103446378995942_4134624011333970754_nSofia is a writer, personal trainer and full-time mom. She holds an MA in Literary Studies from the University of Waterloo. Sofia is currently working on her first novel, a fantasy adventure for young adults.

She embraces the Toronto Fitchick life by weight-training, hiking, eating well 90% of the time, and enjoying Toronto’s foodie and fitness scene.

Sofia challenges herself to find moments of happiness and peace in every day. She believes it’s never too late to actualize your dreams.

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IMG_0632Andrea Banerjee

Andrea is a full-time working professional, flexitarian and avid blog reader. She loves to experiment with changes to her lifestyle and diet, and is always looking for new ways to improve her nutrition on-the-go, and to balance an active lifestyle with a busy 9 to 5.

Currently, she is a regular (if novice) boulderer in spite of her fear of heights; learning to cook vegan meals at home with her partner; and most recently started Kayla Itsines’ BBG program. Andrea embraces a spirit of flexibility and believes that there is no singular approach to a healthy lifestyle or fitness routine.

If you’ve ever felt like the stiffest yogi, the tiniest weight-lifter, a sedentary screen-aholic, or the weakest of the herd, join our Toronto Fitchick Tribe as we find balance together!

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