4-Ingredient Vegan Brownies (New Year’s Resolution-Friendly!)

Andrea Banerjee

There were many fantastic alternative recipes that I tried in 2018 and it’s impossible to choose a favourite. Actually, all that I’ve highlighted or linked on the blog would constitute my favourites when I look back on the year! I kept most of the rejects or #kitchenfails offline 😉

Although I’m late with this one, I had to take a moment and share this one last BOMB internet recipe from 2018 for a healthier brownie.

I am a brownie fanatic – brownies are my favourite dessert and every time I bake a pan of them, they’ll be eaten within a couple of days (it’s bad). Before the winter break I went back to a cleaner, paleo-inspired diet, and set the intention to limit the number of ingredients in my foods. I avoided refined sugar, chemicals, processed foods, and focused on clean simple eating. This is how I plan to eat in 2019 and leading up to the wedding (!!) as a way to improve my energy and health for a busy season of life.

I didn’t plan to allow many baked treats into my rotation, but when I was hit with a chocolate craving one week, I tried The Big Man’s World 4-Ingredient Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies.

I ended up making them twice in a row because we ate them up so fast! These brownies are about as clean as it gets, and if you are liberal with your vegan chocolate chips and let them refrigerate overnight, they are INCREDIBLE!!!

While definitely not the same texture as a traditional brownie, they’re fudgey and almost mousse-like, and will satisfy your chocolate craving.

If you cook with sweet potatoes constantly (as we do), toss an extra one in the oven to bake this week, so you’ll have it on hand for these brownies. Other than prepping your sweet potato, the recipe is extremely quick to make!


The only drawback: I’m always tempted to eat brownies straight out of the oven. These ones are truly not at their best in that moment. They’re less flavourful, pretty runny, and not very sweet when eaten hot. It’s crazy how much they improve with refrigeration! So my advice is to stick them in the fridge and be patient – they’ll taste better and slice neatly this way.

Good luck with a new year of clean eating – Enjoy! 


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  1. They look so good!


  2. miakouppa says:

    These look pretty great! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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