Introducing Carole’s Cheesecake Stiks at Saks Food Hall-Pusateri’s Fine Foods

New York style Cheesecake dipped in Belgium Chocolate and topped with Rainbow Sprinkles. 

I had the pleasure of attending the media-launch for a new product by Carole’s Cheesecake Company, a brand I’ve respected for years. The Carole’s Cheescake Stik is a customizable mini version of Carole’s famous cheesecake sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Available at Saks Food Hall in Pusateri’s Fine Foods (beside the Eaton’s Centre)  this pop-up will be open through the month of December. 

Step one is choosing from either the classic New York cheesecake recipe for the base or the Matcha Green Tea cheesecake. Step two is deciding if you want your cheesecake stik dipped in rich Belgium chocolate, white chocolate, or matcha green tea flavoured chocolate. Step three is the fun part choosing from an assortment of delicious toppings like candy cane, oreo crumbs, toasted coconut, or red velvet.  Having trouble deciding on a single topping? They’ve thought of that and with the “Super Mix” (a blend of all the toppings) you don’t have to settle on just one. You can enjoy them all! 

I discovered Carole’s Cheesecake Company almost a decade ago during my undergrad at UofT. My favourite flavour, Taffy Apple became the cake I requested for special events. It was such an honour to meet Carole and hear about the philosophy that drives her company to success. She said that one of the most important things for a food provider is to strive towards consistency. Carole’s products are never distributed unless they are the same product customers are familiar with and have come to expect. I’m happy to say I’ve never been disappointed with any of Carole’s desserts and her newest Cheescake Stiks were no exception! 

What’s great about the new Cheescake Stiks is that they can be completely gluten-free and are a decadent low calorie dessert option. Less calories than a full sized chocolate bar, this customizable treat is much more satisfying. The cheesecake is smooth and rich and the chocolate coatings are only mildly sweet which makes room for your favourite toppings to shine. Overall the Carole’s Cheescake Stik feels like a big cheat when it actually fits right into an active lifestyle. With this innovative new product, Carole’s Cheesecake will be accessible and appealing to a wide demographic. As you can see the treat is quite instagramable. 

As expected Elowyn was thrilled to receive what she called a “Rainbow Lollipop” and I was a little surprised she was willing to share with Mommy. Attending media-events and meeting the creative chefs behind the delicious food I’m enjoying is always a fantastic experience but this one was especially meaningful for me since I’ve been a big fan of Carole’s Cheesecake for years. It’s a brand I trust and I shop with confidence knowing that any of Carole’s desserts I pick will be a crowd-pleaser!

Review By: Sofia Martimianakis


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  1. AJ says:

    Oh those look good!


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