Meet Me At MARBL Media Launch

The Toronto Fitchick team recently had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of MARBL, a Modern American restaurant that opened this week in King West.

Andrea: Located at King and Spadina, MARBL finds a perfect home in one of my all-time favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto! I used to work in King West, and this stretch of the 504 line always has my heart – both for its nostalgia and its ever-changing selection of dining options. Unlike some of the trendier, boutique or concept spots, MARBL offers a chic and timeless space to bring a large party for a relaxed meal. I absolutely loved the aesthetic, with light exposed brick, crystal chandeliers, and (naturally) gorgeous slabs of marble for the bar and accents. A jaw-dropping black and white marble fireplace feels way more elevated than industrial, and adds some drama to the room. 

It also feels so luxurious to have ample space to move between tables and stretch out in a rounded booth. Guests can enjoy space and privacy here – you may forget you’re in the city! 

Sofia: A red carpet greeted us as we made our entrance into MARBL’s media launch party. The attentive staff checked our coats and we were free to explore the luxurious open-concept space. My first thoughts were, this is the perfect spot to host a girl’s night out or maybe my next birthday party.  With a timeless elegance found throughout in the light fixtures, focal piece fireplace, extensive marble bar and spacious booths, I felt confident MARBL would soon be one of the city’s trendiest spots. 

Andrea: This was one of the most well attended events I can remember – and the guests kept pouring in throughout the evening. The vibe was high! This team definitely has a supportive food and nightlife community, eager for its public opening. We really enjoyed speaking with the MARBL team and hearing from the owner how the concept and evening all came together. The place was so stunning and polished that it looked as though it had been open for weeks. 

Sofia: I enjoyed the unique menu items at MARBL’s launch party like the Maple Syrup Ice Pops poured over fresh snow. I had more than one.. and it brought back fond childhood memories of visiting a Sugar Shack in Quebec with my classmates. I would say the party was a big success; well attended by lifestyle and foodie bloggers as well as chefs and Toronto socialites. MARBL was a buzz with laughter and excitement. 

Andrea: I drooled over this gorgeous tri-coloured carrot dish with curry and Marcona almonds, and enjoyed every bite. I expected the steak tartare and striploin to be headliners for most guests, but I appreciated seeing vegetarian dishes given obvious flavour deliberation, skill and presentation.  Sometimes at American restaurants, the plant-based dishes can feel like an afterthought, but this entire menu – from bubbles to charcuterie- was attended to with intention and passion. 

Sofia: I’m looking forward to returning to MARBL and trying their full dinner menu. Chef Ryan Morrison has a creative take on modern American cuisine and I can’t wait to experience it! Downstairs, at Mademoiselle Champagne Lounge the bar will house some of the world’s most premium champagnes. We didn’t get a chance to see the lounge at the launch party, but after talking about the upscale venue with the owner it sounds like it will definitely be worth a visit. 

Review By: Andrea and Sofia


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