Father’s Day Heat-Wave Adventures

The first Father’s Day surprise I had planned for my husband was a father daughter mini portrait session with Elowyn. It was superhero themed! I had booked it weeks ago and had honestly forgotten about it until I received the reminder email. Unfortunately Elowyn hadn’t slept well the night before and she was really cranky during the session. Even still we managed to get this father daughter gem!

Father Daughter Father's Day Superhero Photoshoot Ideas

To keep the portrait session a surprise I told Dave I had entered him in a local father daughter talent show and that I had signed him up for singing a duet with Elowyn. He refused to leave the house. “It’s going to be awesome! You have a great chance at winning!” I said. “No, I’m absolutely not doing it! See this is why I hate surprises.” he replied. He was nervous for the entire walk over but felt very relieved when he saw the balloons and sign that read “Father’s Day Superhero Portrait Sessions”.

1970s wife and husband

Father’s Day is difficult for me, since my Daddy is no longer here to celebrate with us; this year we were so busy with events and activities that I had less of a chance to dwell on how much I miss my dad. I focussed instead on making the day special for Dave and the other father figures I have in my life. On the Saturday, my family threw a big BBQ party in celebration of my niece’s recent graduation from UofT.

Fun Fact: We both attended Trinity College!

Trinity College Graduation UofT Alumni Family Portrait

Since Katerina’s graduation party was on Father’s Day weekend and there were many dads in attendance including my Father-in-law I though it would be nice to do something for them. I got a special Mocha cake for all the dads to enjoy. We gathered them together and they were beaming as their kids surrounded them for gifts and pictures.


I had planned on taking Dave to the Toronto Islands for Sunday brunch with Elowyn. But then a heat-wave struck! father daughter park splash pad sprinkler water funThere were weather advisories and it felt like 45 degrees. It definitely wasn’t the best day to be at the island for hours (walking in direct sunlight) especially with a toddler. While it was still a little cooler in the morning we walked to Elowyn’s favourite park and her and Dave enjoyed a father daughter splash-pad party. Even though I was sitting in the shade and was only in the sun to take a few pictures I was really feeling the heat.

When we got home I started to look up other options and discovered that a new water-park had opened nearby, Wet’n’Wild Toronto. Best of all Dads got in free on Father’s Day! Dave wasn’t sure how much fun it was going to be with Elowyn not being old enough to do any of the slides. Feeling optimistic, I promised it was going to be great and off we went. The park had an awesome wave pool and Elowyn was memorized by the waves. We also enjoyed the lazy river and had fun trying to get back to each-other when we got separated. Elowyn loved our time in the adult pool at Coconut Bay where she showed off her best swimming moves for her dad. The DJ was also great and I was dancing along to some of my favourite summer songs. All in all it was a successful trip despite not trying a single water slide.

wet and wild waterpark Toronto family pool picture

After the water park, we headed to my mom’s house for some more sprinkler fun! Elowyn played with her cousins in the sprinkler and I got Dave’s Father’s Day Card and special cookie to present him with after they were done. This year’s card featured an ermine family (Elowyn’s current favourite animal) with the baby ermine being dressed up like a super-hero she she could be just like her dad.


There was one final Father’s Day surprise! dozen cupcake father's day sweet flour bake shopI won an Instagram contest and the prize was a dozen cupcakes delivered to your dad’s house on Father’s Day. The question they asked was, “what flavour of cupcake would your dad want, chocolate or vanilla? I thought of my brother-in-law Dimitri and answered, “He would say, why can’t I have one of each?”. Dimitri has been like a father to me for almost my entire life and I was so excited to be able to surprise him with a cupcake delivery from Sweet Flour Bake Shop. They were really tasty; I loved that they were filled! The icing was dense and rich and the cake fresh and fluffy. Sweet Flour Bake Shop also delivers edible cookie dough! Imagine that for your next movie night snack.

I’m very grateful to have grown up with a loving, supportive, and involved Dad. Even though my husband never met him, Dave reminds me of my dad in the way that he parents Elowyn.

Dave always puts our little family before anything else.

Every day after work his first thought is to hug Elowyn and see how she’s doing. He makes sure Elowyn’s life is full of joy, love, and adventure just like my dad did for me. What more could I ask for?


Sofia Martimianakis





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  1. Shirin says:

    Nice pictures. So many past memories to cherish and new ones to make.


  2. mistimaan says:

    Lovely post


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