Calorie Crushing Circuit Workout 1: Back, Quads and Glutes

I absolutely love circuit workouts, especially when I’m training with friends. It’s an intense workout that keeps your heart-rate in the fat burning zone. Which means you’ll be toning while still burning off those extra pounds! The only breaks are for a few quick sips of water in-between rounds.

Bonus: It’s also a heart-healthy workout that strengthens your cardiovascular endurance!

I’ve included a printable workout sheet: Calorie Crushing Circuit Workout 1 with the reps and tempo for all of the exercises. If you’re not sure how to read tempo I covered it in one of my past posts. There’s also room at the bottom of the workout sheet to make note of the weights you’re using so that next time you do the workout you can increase the intensity.

Challenge yourself to take minimal breaks, ideally just 30 second water breaks in-between rounds.

The following video covers the form for each exercise in the circuit and includes a bonus mini core workout we added to the end of our session.

Hope you like it as much as we did!


Coach Sofia Martimianakis




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