1st of its kind in Canada! Authentic Chirashi at Shari Restaurant

What’s Chirashi? 

It’s okay I hadn’t heard of it either before being invited to Shari Restaurant‘s Media Event. It’s a Japanese dish that means “scattered”. Essentially Chirashi is a rice bowl topped with fish, vegetables, and other ingredients of the Chef’s choosing. At Shari Restaurant, Chef Jackie Lin has perfected the art of creating the vinegary rice used as the base for the Chirashi bowl.


The rice was like nothing I had ever tasted before, it’s texture like little pearls that exploded with delicious flavour.

I know what you’re thinking.. It’s rice with vinegar how special can it be?

It’s not just special, it’s magic! Rice expertly prepared that will make you wonder how you ever put up with bland, over-cooked sticky rice with your sushi in the past.

Located in Assembly Chef’s Hall, Shari Restaurant will soon be adding hand-rolls to their menu. The flavour profiles are fantastic and only the freshest ingredients are featured. We all had a chance to participate in the Shari Hand-roll challenge to see how fast we could assemble a hand-roll; you may have seen it on my Instagram stories.

Spoiler Alert: I was terrible at it! All I can say is that it looked much easier to assemble in the demonstration.


For dessert, the best Mochi in Toronto from Sasaki Fine Pastry is on the menu! The “matcha cream” is my favourite but I honestly haven’t been disappointed with any of the flavours.

If you’re ready to take your Japanese dining experience to the next level you won’t have to get on a plane. You can enjoy an unforgettable and authentic meal right here in Toronto at Shari Restaurant.

Take the Video Tour of Shari Restaurant!


Sofia Martimianakis


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