Introducing Infuse Cafe Bar Toronto!

Infuse Cafe Bar uses a simple yet powerful invention to revolutionize your tea experience: Reverse Atmospheric Infusion. The infusion process is enhanced by this latest technology and results in unmatched deep and layered flavour profiles. Infuse Cafe Bar proudly uses organic and fair trade ingredients to craft their unique tea-infused cocktails. I recently attended a media-tasting and was blown away by their creative menu!

Tea-Infused Cocktails

The unique thing about Infuse Cafe Bar’s cocktails is the spirits themselves are infused with their perfectly brewed organic tea blends. The cocktails are smooth and creatively complex. I tried the S’Mores Rum and Coke: Appleton Rum infused with S’mores Tea brings the campfire to the heart of the city (no sleeping bags required). Coca Cola, Infuse S’mores Tea, Appleton Estate Rum, Chocolate Bitters, Smoked Marshmallows. It was bold and successfully took me on a S’mores flavour adventure.

I also tried the Valley Girl (the tall red drink pictured above) and it was refreshingly delicious! This cocktail uses one of our most popular hibiscus teas to produce a garden of flavour that you’ll love. Club Soda, Kettle One Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Fruit Sensation tea syrup, Creme De Violette. Sweeter than the S’mores Rum and Coke, the Valley Girl would be my drink of choice for a girl’s night out this summer.

Sous Vide Steak

DSC01795At Infuse Cafe Bar, a gourmet meal doesn’t come with a steep price tag! Their seasoned steaks are vacuum sealed and placed in a sous vide (a hot water bath kept at a consistent temperature of 55 degrees celsius) for 2 hours. Then they’re seared to perfection! The best part?

An 8oz AAA New York Strip 8oz, aged 28 days, sous vide to medium rare and seared to perfection will only set you back $10.75!  


The steak was well-seasoned and cooked to perfection! Usually when I order steak at a restaurant I think we could have made this at home for half the price but imagine going on a steak date-night and having zero regret after seeing the bill. That’s the experience you’ll have at Infuse.


Save room for dessert because the Japanese Cheesecake is exceptional!


They have three Japanese cheesecake varieties: Japanese Soufflé, Japanese Rare, and Matcha White Chocolate. I found all three varieties to be delicate and delicious. My favourite was the Japanese Soufflé Soft, light and fluffy just like a ball of cotton. This melt in your mouth Japanese soufflé cheesecake is full of creamy flavour with just the right amount of sweetness!

Final Thoughts

The atmosphere at Infuse Cafe and Bar is cozy, modern, and romantic. As I was sampling the drinks and food, various friends I should recommend Infuse to kept coming to mind! Their bar and non-alcoholic drink menu really does have something on it for everyone. The staff is energetic and passionate, excited to talk about their well-crafted creations. I look forward to trying more of their delicious tea-infused cocktails next time I visit.

Want to see the Reverse Atmospheric Infusion in action?

Don’t miss this short video!


Sofia Martimianakis


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Loved it

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  2. This place sounds amazing! I feel like I’d get a lot of great new cocktail recipe ideas here! 💖🍻

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  3. This place looks FANTASTIC! YUM!


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