Global Chef Canada Fundraiser a Success!

I’m happy to report that Team Canada will be competing in the upcoming World Chefs Global Chef Challenge this July in Malaysia! They were able to raise the 10k needed to cover their competition expenses. Thank you to everyone who helped make their culinary dreams a reality! I recently went behind the scenes with Chef Rahil and his team to learn more about their competition preparations. Re-watching the video made me wish I could taste all of their delicious food again!

I was in luck, there were plenty of culinary surprises at the Global Chefs Canada Fundraiser event yesterday. The fundraiser was held at the Delta Hotel, a beautiful event venue with spectacular city views. Many notable Toronto chefs were in attendance preparing gourmet finger foods for guests. Smoked Sunchoke, Caviar paired with Champagne, Bison Tartare, Tuna Sashimi with miso reduction and Foie Gras were some of the standouts. Dessert included a liquid nitrogen ice cream station with hand-dipped truffles and an assortment of fresh fruit and toppings.

One of the highlights for me was trying an Edible Helium Balloon! The cotton candy mixture was attached to a chocolate pretzel stick and then inflated with helium. It was a yummy strawberry flavour and had enough helium to change my voice for a few seconds!

I can’t wait to hear how the competition goes and am so proud of Chef Rahil and his team. They’ve been working tirelessly for hours every night after their regular work-shifts in preparation for this competition and it shows in their incredible cuisine. In my eyes the Team Canada Chefs are already champions!


Sofia Martimianakis


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