Life Hack: How to Reach Your Goals Faster

Think of someone in your life you admire. What do they have going for them?

adult-beautiful-beauty-826349Are they attractive? Fit? Strong? Resilient?

Do they have a job they love? Plenty of money in the bank? Are they Ambitious?

Have they found true love? Started a family? Bought a home?

Do they travel to exotic destinations every year? Are they Adventurous?

Do people gravitate towards them? Admire them? Respect them?

Are they Confident? Outgoing? Powerful?

Maybe they possess many of these positive qualities. Maybe they have countless achievements under their belt. When you’ve thought about the person you admire having something going for them that you don’t, have you ever made an excuse about why it’s okay? An excuse that undermines their success and makes you feel comfortable with your current situation?

For example:

  • They were always skinny. They don’t even have to try. 
  • They have a great job but they had network connections in their field. I don’t know anyone high-up in mine. No one’s handing me a promotion! 
  • They just got back from Australia, it sounded amazing. They better enjoy it now, once they have kids they’ll see those types of trips are impossible.
  • Their house is gorgeous! Their parents helped them with their down-payment though. If I had that kind of support I wouldn’t have to rent.
  • Their partner goes to the gym with them. If they had a lazy partner like mine they would still have their love handles too!
  • Of course they’re confident. I would be out-going too if I looked that good. 

These types of justifications limit our ability to make our dreams a reality. They make us comfortable and only hinder our potential! It’s time to re-frame our mindset. By no means am I saying that achieving all of your goals will be easy. Or that it will happen overnight. But changing your mindset is the first step, the door that needs to be open to get on the path of success.

First off let’s ensure the last thoughts you have before bed, and the first ones you have in the morning, are positive ones. Repeating a positive mantra before bed can help lower your stress levels and improve your sleep. Saying it again when you wake up ensures you’re in the right mindset to make the most of the day ahead. So what are the magic words?

They’re different for everyone, but I can definitely help you come up with something! Make sure to include your goals in your mantra and to keep it short and sweet.

Working on your fitness journey?

I am strong. I am capable. I don’t make excuses. I rise to the challenge. I fuel my body with healthy meals. I make every day count! 

Want to improve your confidence? Find love? Succeed at work?

I am beautiful inside and out. I am worthy. I deserve the best. I inspire those around me.       I never settle. I go after what I want! 

Wish you were more outgoing? Adventurous? 

I am brave. I chase my dreams.  I am important. I speak my mind. I am valuable. I can do anything I set my mind to! 

Want to make more time for your hobbies? Improve quality time with your family?

I am grateful. I make the most of every day. I do what makes me happy. I take care of myself so I can better take care of those around me. I make time for what matters.

You get the idea. Create a mantra that speaks to your goals. It might seem silly at first, reciting these words. It might feel like you’re faking it. How can you say you’re brave if you don’t believe you are? But how can you have the chance to prove to yourself that you can be brave if you stop yourself before even trying? If you don’t trust that you’re capable of great things.

The good news is you do have the power to be the person you want to be; you’re in control. It’s all about embracing a positive mindset. Vanquishing negativity. Just like anything else, you have to work on positive mindset. It won’t always come easy. Throughout the day you’ll face challenges. How you react in the moment and how you think about the experience after the fact shapes you as a person and impacts your future decisions. Let’s use this hypothetical scenario:

You arrive to an event where you don’t know many of the people in attendance.  From the doorway you scan the room for one of your friends. You don’t see anyone you know. A group of women are chatting, a few make eye contact with you as you pass. You avert your gaze and walk towards the snack-table. From behind you, you hear a woman’s laugh. What do you assume?

Everyone here already knows each other. They’re talking about me. They think I’m too fat for this dress. I shouldn’t have worn my hair up. I should have made sure one of my friends was here before I came in. I didn’t even feel like coming to this stupid event. I should have stayed home. 

attractive-beautiful-beauty-594421When negative thoughts come into your mind focus on stopping them in their tracks before they get out of hand. Before they take you to a place that impacts the rest of your day and the person you’re working on becoming. Stop the negative spiral!

Now same scenario, but what if you had embraced a positive mindset?

Everyone here seems to know each other. I should go say hello and introduce myself. It sounds like they’re having fun. It was a good idea to come out tonight. I’m glad my friend invited me. I should do this more often!

The night would unfold very differently. Doors would open instead of close. You would meet new people, potential new friends. You would build up your network. Maybe some of those women work in the same field as you, or have a friend they think you would benefit from meeting. You never know!

When you believe in yourself and step outside your comfort zone you’ll start to feel proud. You’ll remember it as an experience where you were capable, where you were outgoing and where you made the most of a situation. Next time the challenge may be a different one but you’ll be prepared. With every new challenge you’re learning to trust yourself more and more, to believe in yourself to rise up to the occasion.

Will it work out perfectly every time?

No. But that doesn’t mean it has to be significantly detrimental. When you do your best and something still goes wrong, aim to learn from the experience. Let the negative feelings surrounding it go. Successful people don’t let their failures limit their potential. They use them as building blocks towards their next achievement. Don’t let negative thoughts plant the seeds of doubt in your mind, stop them in their tracks!

A trick I use to banish negative thoughts is a simple visualization technique.

I imagine the source of stress getting reduced to a tiny form. Then I imagine trapping it inside a balloon and popping it, so it disappears completely. Other times I visualize turning the stress factor into a baseball I proceed to hit out of the park. It’s very effective. It puts you back in control of the situation. You are the only one in the driver’s seat of your mind. You have the power to conquer negative feelings. Next time someone or something is getting on your nerves give it a try. You’ll thank me later!

What does mindset have to do with fitness?

A positive mindset is very important in one’s fitness journey. Results won’t always come quickly. Mastering a new exercise or reaching a goal-weight will take time. Trust in the process is important, but trust in yourself is invaluable. If you start your day off thinking: Ugh I’m getting fat. I need to workout today but I just don’t have time, you will continue to feel swamped and like you’re falling behind in reaching your goals.

Instead think: I want to workout today. I’m going to feel strong and energized. I will make time to look after myself. 

You got this. Watch out world! You’re not going to let anything stand in your way. Each day you’ll work towards actualizing your dreams. Each day that passes you’ll be one day closer. No more steps backward.


Remember, no one can help you reach your goals if you don’t first believe you’re capable of surpassing them!


Sofia Martimianakis







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  1. Krystalia Hatzinakos says:

    Wow very inspirational! I first heard this advice from my aunt and it is the best advice I’ve ever heard. Live life to the fullest!


  2. embraceyourglow says:

    Super encouraging


    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it (=


  3. Well written and motivational piece. I think a lot of people fall down because they give up too easily – maybe this will help keep people looking forward!


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