Sofia Goes to.. Gusto 54 Catering


I attended a media tasting event for Gusto 54 Catering with Jojoinstameets. Gusto 54 Catering is the catering division behind some of the city’s most well-known restaurants: Gusto 101, Trattoria Nervosa and Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen. The event was held at the beautiful Cambria Gallery.

Inspired by global flavours, Gusto 54 curates a memorable food experience. I appreciated their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Gusto partners with farmers who share their love of fine food, authenticity and who are just as committed to sustainability. They are a straw-less catering company and their plates, cutlery, and packaging, are all biodegradable.

They use a portable wood-burning pizza oven, when catering, to ensure the same bold flavours you’ve tasted at their restaurants are what you get the day of your event. Their dressings, sauces, breads, pastas, and pastries are all made fresh in-house. Exceptional quality is of top priority!

What type of events is Gusto 54 Catering tailored towards?

All types! Gusto’s professional staff bring their authentic moveable feast to weddings, corporate meetings, large-scale fundraisers and can even do smaller scale dinner parties. Their catering menu is completely customizable and they offer full-service event planning support. They can help with venue selection, staffing and rental organization and much more.

They also offer a drop-off service with a large selection of sandwiches made with Gusto’s fresh baked breads ($9.50). The drop off menu also includes salads ($8.50), protein platters ($12-18.00 per person), an assortment of pastas ($15.00 per person), pizzas ($15-18.00) and dessert ($15-36.00 per dozen).

How was the food?

The fresh-made pasta was out of this world! I had the Mafalde: Portobello, porcini, crimini, and oyster mushrooms. Parmigiano, truffle paste and cream sauce. If I could only ever eat one pasta dish for the rest of my life I might just choose this one. Flavourful, bold, but not too rich. Refined, where each bite is truly an experience as the different flavour notes bounce off each other. So, so, good.

The salads were fantastic, and as you can see generously topped. My favourite was the Cavolo Nero: Organic lacinto kale, zante currants, toasted pine nuts, pecorino, parmigiano, and lemon vinaigrette. I’m a big kale fan, and this was salad was exploding with flavour!


We also tried a new menu item, cake! I had the olive-oil cake with a light orange butter-cream icing and a candied orange on top. It was so delicious, I took out my phone to post a picture on my Instagram story, but forgot why I took it out and just kept eating. Also pictured is the beautiful carrot cake, chocolate biscotti and fresh cannoli.

The cakes were so moist and flavourful and the icing was just perfect. Presentation as you can see was on point. For a wedding sweet table, these desserts would definitely wow your guests! The biscotti was rich, crunchy, and subtly sweet. The cannoli was a big hit! The shell was crispy, the filling decadent, and the pistachios were a great touch.

I highly recommend Gusto 54 for all your catering needs! The staff is wonderful, the food is incredible, and I love that they are a company that takes sustainability seriously.

Sofia Martimianakis

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