Sofia Goes to.. Hollywood Cone


I had the pleasure of attending a media tasting at Hollywood Cone hosted by Jojoinstameets. The atmosphere is fantastic. It features a prominent red-carpet and photo wall. They have large VIP style movie theatre seats, arcade games and even an automated fortune teller.

Hollywood Cone is well known for their giant, over-the-top, mutant shakes. Essentially it’s a decadent shake available in an array of flavours topped with a full sized, or sometimes two full-sized, desserts. Definitely a shareable sized cheat-day treat! I’m happy to report that it’s not a “for the gram” item. Although it does indeed photograph well, the shakes themselves are also very yummy. Not overly sweet, no artificial after taste, something you’ll actually enjoy drinking.


On March 17th, Hollywood Cone launched six epic hot-dogs loaded with toppings. You choose from either a beef or chicken hot-dog, or a sausage. Then you can customize your toppings or select one of the options below:

Beverly Hills Dot Dawg: Sriracha, Cholula, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese, Onion and Tomato


101 Hot DawgsFries, Melted Cheese, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Red Onion, Cheese Sauce, Cilantro  


Cujo: Bacon, Sriracha, Onions, Cholula, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Popper Aioli, Nacho Chips, Guacamole, Sour Cream

Mediterranean: Creamy Greek Feta, Cucumber, Olives, Tomatoes, Onion


Fire House Hot Dawg: Chipotle Hickory Sauce, Hickory Sticks, Bacon


Three more flavours are coming soon!

Beethoven: Bacon and Loaded with Classics – Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Onions, Relish  

Lady and the Hot Dawg : Spaghetti Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese

Scooby Hot Dawg: Chili Dog with Cheese  


I tried the 101 Hot Dawgs with a chicken hot-dog. The toppings were plentiful and fresh. The flavour combination reminded me of my favourite order from New York Fries (the veggie works). The chicken hot-dog was large, and tasted like a high-quality hot-dog prepared on the BBQ. The bun was on the firmer side, and kept together well despite being over-loaded with toppings. Due to its thickness, it would have been nice if some of the sauce actually made contact with the bun (instead of it all being on top of the hot-dog) so that it wouldn’t taste dry. I really loved the addition of fries, especially ones as tasty as Hollywood Cone fries. They were perfectly crispy and not too oily.

Speaking of the fries, they have over 20 dipping sauces for them! They’re served in a large cone that fits into holes in the tables. The sauces were bold and came in unique flavours like honeyed curry; I started to wish they also served chicken fingers. Maybe they well in the future..

On to dessert! I ordered the small Ferrero Rocher sundae with the twist vanilla/chocolate option. Even the small was too big for me to finish. But I was loving every bite! I also tried many of the other desserts and the best-by-far was the cheesecake that topped one of the mutant shakes. It stole the show! The brownies on the banana-split also deserve honourable mention; they were moist and had a rich velvety chocolate texture.

Hollywood Cone is a great place to meet friends, aka people to help you finish the giant desserts! It would be a fantastic spot to celebrate a birthday for all ages. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!




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  1. Halal Mommy says:

    Oh my god everything looks mouth wateringly delicious!


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