Sofia Goes to.. The St. Lawrence Market


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You can find everything you need to make gourmet meals for the week at the St. Lawrence Market. The best part is that you’ll have countless options to choose from for each category: meat, seafood, cheese, fresh produce, grains, desserts, and coffee. For some, that can be over-whelming. Especially coupled with the crowds the market attracts. That’s where I come in, let me show you some of the St Lawrence stand-outs!


I like to start my visit by getting a delicious drink from Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters. Iced lattes are my preference but they don’t serve them year-round, so I gave the cortado a chance. It was bold and delightfully smooth.


They offer a wide-selection of coffees, from all-around the world, roasted daily on site. My favourite, the Hawaiian Kona, claims to be one of the “sweetest and smoothest” coffees in the world.


It lives up to its description, and tastes amazing iced. With chocolate and nutty notes, it’ll quickly become a household favourite. It’s the kind of coffee you can look forward to savouring each morning!  In my case, along-side my loud toddler side-kick.


Now while you’re still on the lower floor, I recommend checking out Caviar Direct. If you like smoked salmon prepare to taste the best of the best.DSC02822

Warning: After experiencing Caviar Direct, other smoked salmon will only fall short. Caviar Direct’s salmon is full of flavour and expertly prepared!

Sourced from the Bay of Fundy, cured and cold-smoked, all three of their artisanal smoked salmons are delicious, but my favourite is the medium smoked “New York Style” variety. They also make two versions of hot-smoked salmon candy. A tougher (and sweeter) salmon jerky, which I love, and a meatier, softer yet subtly sweet salmon candy my husband prefers.



The next stop is truly a hidden gem. Tucked away in the back corner of the lower level is your new favourite spot for all types of pepperettes and charcuterie, Dnister Ukrainian Store.


Their turkey pepperettes come in mild and hot and pack a bold flavour punch! I’m not usually a fan of landjager but Dnister’s is so tasty I make an exception. They also carry many Ukrainian products and serve traditional Ukrainian prepared food like cabbage rolls and perogies.


Time to head upstairs and try Montreal style bagels from Carousel Bakery. Carousel Bakery is famous for their Peameal Bacon Sandwich. This time, I got mini bagels as a snack and larger bagels to make some epic sandwiches at home.


It was Elowyn’s first time trying Montreal style bagels and let’s just say this #foodieintraining learned a valuable lesson: if Montreal style bagels are an option, other bagels shouldn’t even be in the running! Check out the sandwiches I made when we got home using bagels from Carousel Bakery and smoked salmon from Caviar Direct.


Alright, now as you know, I love cooking various types of meat. I tried to narrow it down as much as I could but I’m going to mention three stops that together should fulfill all of your meat needs. Remember that’s the beauty of the St. Lawrence Market, you don’t have to choose just one butcher!


For grass-fed Ontario lamb your best bet for price and quality is Upper Cut Meats. They also carry a large selection of grass-fed steak and we’ve been very happy with all of the products we’ve tried to date. Price wise, they fall somewhere in the middle compared to all of the butchers in the St. Lawrence but their quality is the closest to the high-end butcher shops with a mid-range price tag.


Now what if you want high-quality grass-fed meats but often feel rushed during the week and value pre-seasoned quick meal options. Witteveen Meats is your best bet!


They have countless delicious options to satisfy your cravings; I love that you can mix-and-match from their marinated skewer selection. Their marinated Korean spare-ribs (pictured above) and slow-roasted side bacon are my favourites.


Having foodies over for dinner? Want to serve something even they’ve never tried before? Toronto’s number one destination for game-meat Whitehouse Meats has everything from kangaroo to camel and even crocodile. Their friendly staff will be happy to guide you through cooking instructions after they help you choose the game-meat you’re most likely to enjoy. Many game-meats are very lean and high in protein. The pheasant makes a tasty slider!


I always like having olives and cheese on hand; they make a great snack and if guests stop by unexpectedly I can quickly put together a little platter. Olympic Cheese Mart has high-quality products, great prices and friendly staff. Try their Greek Kefalotyri and you’ll be hooked!


Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard is my final recommended stop at the St Lawrence. They have over 36 varieties of mustard. How will you choose? They offer samples, and you can try as many as you like! I love their Amazing Maple, Lime and Honey, and Balsamic Fig and Date mustards. They’re the perfect compliment to any charcuterie platter, and they make great additions to marinades!


That concludes today’s tour of the St. Lawrence South Market! Were you able to spot me and Elowyn on the second floor? I’m camouflaging with my mint green hoodie. I’ll be doing a post on the North Market when warmer weather hits. I love strolling the North Market in the summer when all of the outdoor vendors are set-up and there’s an abundance of fresh flowers lining their stalls. Stay tuned, the North Market has some incredible vendors with very unique products!

What are your favourite spots in the St. Lawrence Market? What hidden gems have I missed? I love discovering new awesome products each time I go (=



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